Analogue Gauges & GNS 430 Emulator

Simulators: X-Plane (Flightgear will follow, maybe FSX/P3D)
Plattform: Linux (Windows and MacOS X will follow)
License: all testversions are free (wihtout timelimit) until a proper license has been chosen

KLICK HERE to download GGauges binary (Linux, x86_64, latest update: Feb 18 2015)
(md5sum: 5ca03384acd2bd887d4571139386e238)

HELP WANTED: I need volunteers to write documentation OR paint instrument faces (so I can create more instruments faster)) OR help to get ggauges running on MacOS and Windows. Please write to martin.henne@web.de (subject: ggauges). Thank you.

GNS 430 Emulator:

(no download available yet)